2 Best Store Credit Cards [Updated 2019]

Stores have been offering their own credit cards. If you’re a loyal shopper of certain stores, our list of the best store credit cards can give you an idea of how these credit cards can give you a lot of benefits.

You might be familiar with reward cards and store credit cards but what you might not know yet are these credit cards offered by the specific companies we have in our list. Even if you might be familiar with these cards, you might still not know all the perks you can get from these store credit cards.

There’s a myriad of store credit cards that you can apply for. Having the right store credit cards can enable you to not just enjoy different rewards from just the store themselves but you can also use the cards at different partner establishments or companies. 

Here are the 2 best store credit cards for 2019:

Target Credit Card

According to Future Fuel, Target is the eighth largest retailer in the United States. Target is renowned for their reasonable prices and their vast selection of products on sale. Target has the Target Red Card.

The Target Red Card can either be a credit or a debit card. For this article, we’ll just be focusing on the Target Red Credit Card. A Target credit card is issued by T.D. Bank U.S.A.. These are the benefits with having a Target credit card:

  • 5% discount at Target
  • 5% discount at Target.com
  • Free shipping
  • Extended return period
  • Exclusive discounts
  • No annual fee
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • 10% off on your birthday
  • 10% off on Hotels.com and more.

If you love shopping at Target, applying for a Target Red Card can be ideal. Having a Target Red Card could then allow you to shop online and at a physical store using credit. Moreover, you also earn points each time you use your Target Red Card.

If you love coffee, you’ll be glad to know that the 5% discount also applies to every Starbucks that are inside Target stores. Cardholders can even stack their discounts to save more. 

The Target credit card can just be used at Target.com or at Target stores. If you want a more flexible Target card, you can apply for a Target Mastercard. You can use the Target Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted. 

Amazon Credit Card

If you’re a loyal Amazon shopper, you will love the credit cards that they offer. Amazon offers four different types of cards:

  1. Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card
  2. Rewards Card
  3. Store Card
  4. Store Prime Card

From these four different types of cards, two can be used anywhere a Visa card can be accepted and the other two can just be used at Amazon stores and Amazon.com. The Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card and the Rewards card are the two cards that functions like a Visa card. 

These are the benefits with having a Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card:

  • 5% discount on Amazon.com
  • 2% on gas stations, hotels and restaurants
  • 1% on all other purchases

While the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card doesn’t accrue annual credit fees, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to apply for it. The subscription fee for Amazon Prime as of November of 2019 is $119 per year. 

If you are approved to have this card, you also receive a $70 Amazon gift card. However, it might not be the best idea to subscribe for Amazon Prime just to have the Prime Rewards Signature Card.

With the Amazon Rewards Card, here are the benefits:

  • 3% discount on Amazon.com
  • 2% on gas stations, hotels and restaurants
  • 1% off on all other purchases

Like the Prime Rewards Visa Signature card, you also get a $50 gift card with the Rewards card. 

The Amazon Store Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. With it, you can see all your Amazon purchases online through your Synchrony account. Another benefit of having this card is what’s called “Special Financing”. 

This is a finance program that assists shoppers wherein they pay no interest fees if they pay in full within a certain time limit. Shoppers who are approved to get this card also receive a $10 gift card.

Last but not the least is the Amazon Store Prime Card. This card offers a 5% rewards points with all purchases on Amazon.com. If you prefer rewards points over taking special financing, this can be the ideal option for you. However, this card requires Amazon Prime membership. 

If you’re a frequent user of credit cards, using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card or the Amazon Rewards card can serve you better as you can still enjoy discounts even outside Amazon stores and Amazon.com.

However, if you don’t have Prime membership, it’s not practical to go for those cards. If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, you can go for the Amazon Rewards card. Know though that to apply for these cards, you’ll need a credit score of at least 640 and 720 for cards with better benefits.

There are a lot of store credit cards that you can apply for. However, not a lot offers the same amount of benefits as Target and Amazon. This is the reason why we’ve chosen Target and Amazon credit cards as the best store credit cards for 2019.

If you don’t have these cards yet, consider having them for their benefits. They are also from two of the biggest retail stores in America. Apply for the 2 best store credit cards today.