Software Automation in the Workplace [2020]

With new and better technology, our options expand even more and the rate in which they can be done are faster with much ease. Automation in the workplace is a hot topic and top companies have long been putting this into practice because of its benefits.

Among a lot of large companies that make excellent use of automation, Tesla would be one of the most innovative to have tried making their factories fully-automated. However, automation doesn’t just concern machineries and robots. There is also software automation in the workplace.

Software automation covers various tasks in the business operation. From the hiring process to payroll, automation can be put in place but this can mean removing a set amount of workers. 

According to Kai Fu Lee, an expert in A.I., 40% of jobs in the world will be replaced by artificial intelligence capable of carrying out or automating tasks. Even now, we see this happening as more jobs are being automated.

This is an inevitable phase as we head further into the advancement of technology. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of benefits with automation. Here are but some of them:

  • Faster results
  • Faster feedback
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reusability
  • Information security
  • Reduced expenses

While you might know a couple of systems that can be automated in the workplace, here’s a list we’ve compiled for you. You can use this list to learn more about software automation in the workplace and how they can be useful to your organization. 

Recruitment Process

The world of recruitment is a fierce competition. The war for people can be hard to win and losing the battle can be detrimental to the growth and survival of an organization. This is because the employees are the nervous system of the organization

Without sufficient workers, the company can crumble. Moreover, errors in recruitment can also have tremendous negative impacts on the financials of an organization. According to CareerBuilder, companies lost an average of $14,900 for each bad hire in the last year.

Vacancies are also costing companies. It can take a couple of months just to replace an employee and even replacing employees are costing companies. There are good software automation for the recruitment process on the market. Some of them are:

  • Mya
  • Smashfly
  • BreezyHR

With automated hiring tools, browsing through a lot of applications can be done with incredible speed. The system can look through thousands of profiles and it can look for the best candidates through the use of keywords.

There are disadvantages with this technology as the system can overemphasize keywords and qualified applicants. Keywords can also be used by the applicants to their advantage and cheat on the system. 


Doing the payroll is a labor intensive job. There are a lot of things you need to watch out for and it’s time consuming. It’s a mentally demanding job and gives no space for errors. Otherwise, the company can lose a lot of money.

  1. GoCo
  2. Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Software
  3. Gusto Online Payroll Software
  4. Patriot Software
  5. Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
  6. Xero Software

Here are the benefits of automated payroll according to Syndeo:

  • Faster and easier wag calculation
  • More accurate timekeeping
  • Easier tax deductions with less chance of errors
  • Improved record keeping with less clutter
  • Financial planning assistance for both the employer and the employees
  • Changes can be done easier

If you believe that your company’s payroll system needs improvement, it can be a good decision to use a payroll software. 

Employee Help Desk Support

More companies are beginning to automate their employee help desk. Chatbots are the common theme for this and chatbots have become more and more intelligent and useful as the technology advances.

One of the best products for this function is Spoke. Spoke uses AI to find the relevant and right answers for employees. Workers can do inquiries through Slack, email, SMS or through the web. 

Since spoke is powered by AI, it learns as it works and gets better with answering the queries of employees. This means that it gets faster and better with answering as it learns.


Important decisions are made in meetings. However, it can be hard to schedule a meeting when there’s a lot of factors that you need to consider. If some of the participants are from a different timezone, this can be even more challenging.

Tools such as Doodle can help out with setting up meetings. You no longer have to sort through emails and look through schedules to find the best time for everyone. The tool will do it for you.

These are but some of the tools that you can use for automation in the workplace. There are a lot of useful tools for automation in the market but these are what we believe are the best. Software automation in the workplace will become more prevalent.

For their benefits, it’s ideal to start earlier on when plausible. As these tools automate some of the business aspects, you can put more focus on your work to get ahead in the competition.